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veneer peeling machine for plywood

Technical Parameter:

The frame is installed by building blocks without welding.The frame is processed by aging processor to eliminate stress.Frame nut assembly, high installation accuracy, good stability, long service life

All motors can full frequency conversion control speed

The bearing on the top of our double rollers has a bearing cover, which can be opened to facilitate the replacement of the bearing, so as not to cause damage to the machine and decrease the accuracy due to the replacement of the bearing.

Product Detail

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Veneer peeling machine

Veneer peeling machine is the very important machine in the plywood produce.
Veneer peeling machine mainly used for the core veneer produce, but now our machine also can used for the face veneer
produce, because they have the following features:
1) With the system
2) With the electric back angle
3) Automatic adjust the knife gate
4) The difference is + 5 decimillimeter
5) Servo motor bring ball screw to feed, linear guide
6) With the knife box which make the disassemble very easy.
7) Hydraulic press the knife
8) Gear transmission.
High precision and high speed veneer peeling lathe.

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