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plywood cold press machine of veneer

Technical Parameter:

Type hydraulic woodworking cold press machine has the advantages of many traditional cold press does not have:

Is one of the most prominent characteristics and advantages of his work noise is small, and the work efficiency is very high, lifting very quickly.Traditional woodworking cold press widespread phenomenon is the use of oil in the process

Product Detail

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Cold Press is necessary equipment for processing plywood ,suitable for 3′x7′,4′x8′ plywood.
Hot press,SIEMENS PLC system :five different pressure controls, six modes data for high quality plywood.

1.Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance
2.fast and efficient pressing.
3.Emergency safety braking.
4.Trip limited device.
5.Automatic compression and unloading pressure function
6.Work-table height convenient for human body
Product Application
cold press for plywood with automatic loading table
This machine is used for pre-pressing process of making plywood, also blockboard and decorative board.

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