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Advantages of hot press

Understand the hot press factory friends know, our company is a professional manufacturer of various types of hot press, as hot press and Shandong hot press manufacturers, what are the different advantages of hot press?


The hot press manufactured by our company has the following advantages:


1. Agile heat, small heat resistance, heat and carbon fiber heating tube average life, lasting more than 6000 hours, the temporary operation of the machine by staff can improve human blood circulation, reduce metabolism and enhance immunity.


2. Need to replace the mold in operation, forming and punching can be both convenient and quick.


3. All the hot presses we consume are surrounded by insulation, and the external radiant power accounts for only 10 percent of the heat in the atmosphere. The commercially available IMD thermal molding machine can provide up to 50% radiation performance. In hot weather, 10 4KW conventional IMD equipment should be equipped with 10 5P air conditioners, while we only consume 2 heating equipment.


4. The machine’s speed, up to 250MM per second, and its impact music, no more than 80 decibels, are equivalent to a normal speaking office.


The above are some of the advantages of our hot press, this is launched by the large hot press manufacturers, the production of hot press variety, quality and cheap, welcome interested friends to call us.

Post time: Sep-28-2020