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4 feet veneer peeling machine

Technical Parameter:

1. The type of rotation shaver is your best choices which equipped with transducer importedTaiwan Taida    PLC programmer, touch screen precisional arc boardto and the steel board for the machine, it ensures operation stability and makes the veneer more smooth and planeness . the thickness of  veneer is 8.0mm at most. 
2. Additional two-level transmiss on single-roller , fitting for  soft and hard wood..
3.The planeness of shavered veneer is controled not manually but by well programmed curve,which is designed when the machine is manufactured.Whatever specification the veneer is ,it sticks to the same planeness.
4.Moderate requirement to workers technology grade.
The updated gear type wedge-free rotation shaver is driven by assembly of electric motor and gear, it is more easier to redulate and repair since the absence of timing motor and timing meter.to  realize varying feeding speed with pure mechanical method,which avoid uneven shaved veneer caused either by rotation innertia of log which is out of round or by fluctuating voltage. It is ensured that shaved veneer thinkness it within 0.05mm error under normal situation.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.The frame is installed by building blocks without welding.The frame is processed by aging processor to eliminate stress.Frame nut assembly, high installation accuracy, good stability, long service life

2.The use of the T-type converter improves the accuracy of the movement of the single-roller head, replaces the simple gear change direction, and extends the service life of the machine.

3.The width of the linear guide rail of our machine is 65mm, which is the largest in the market at present. Because the linear guide rail adopts the principle of bearing, it can effectively reduce the friction between machines, improve the stability of the machine, and improve the accuracy and service life of the machine.

4. We use double series of bearings, good stability, extend the service life of the machine.The bearing above the double roller is fixed with keyway, the bearing can be fixed in the same place more stably, and the machining precision can be improved.

5.The bearing on the top of our double rollers has a bearing cover, which can be opened to facilitate the replacement of the bearing, so as not to cause damage to the machine and decrease the accuracy due to the replacement of the bearing.

6.We mainly use hard tooth surface reducer, this reducer wear resistance, low noise



Payment Item: T/T or L/C

Delivery Time: 25days after revcd 30% desposit

As for the technical questions, pls contact us freely : we have professional engineer team to work at customer’s factory to guide installation and debugging and free training workers.

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