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2 layers roller type core veneer drying machine

Technical Parameter:

Model No. XH-VS2000D specification customized
Transport package Standard packing trademark Xiuhang machinery
origin Linyi,Shandong,china length customized
Material Steel frame

Product Detail

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Min. order/ reference FOB price 1set: US$55000- 200000/set Port: qingdao,china Production capacity: 20sets/year Payment terms: T/T Product Show dfbg

Basic info

Model No. XH-VS2000D Specification Customized
Transport package Standard packing Trademark Xiuhang machinery
Origin Linyi,Shandong,china Length Customized
Material Steel frame

Product description

1. The roller veneer dryer is the main equipment in the production of plywood veneer .

2. It is composed of four parts. Which are divided into feeling area. Heating area. Cooling area and discharging area.

3. It is mainly used for drying core plate. Partial surface and bottom plate.

4. It has high efficiency. Low energy consumption. And better meets the production process of the product.

5. This machine adopts two or four layers rollers to transport the veneer(the device for conveying the veneer is different according to the thickness of the plate)

6. The heat transfer oil is the heating medium(the heating source can be changed according to the requirements of different customers and above quote does not include heat source configuration)

7. During the propulsion process. The plate is leveled by the weight of the roller. And deformation of the plate during the drying process is shaped. The degree plays a key role.

8. The circular plate is heated by the upper and lower circular nozzles of the wind box. And the heated air is recycled through the fan to greatly improve the thermal efficiency.

9. We can design the veneer dryer as customer’s project requirement.

10. It is suitable for the production process of cutting first and then drying. Especially for the dryer of thick veneers.

11. This machine adopts a number of high-tech and advanced electronic control technology. So it has the characteristics of high efficiency. Energy saving and good dry quality.

12. It is designed according to the unit structure principle. The standard of the machine is 11 sections. The two-meter standard is a drying section. It can be arbitrarily selected by the customers according to the output.

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