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Shandong Xiuhang Machinery Co., Ltd is an intergrated enterprise which specialized in research and development production and sales of the plywood machinery

Our company machinery Co., Ltd founded in 1998, with more than 20 years experience. We are located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China.  It is 276 kilometers from Qingdao Port to our company


What is Spindle-less veneer peeling machine ?

Spindle-less veneer peeling machine is one of the equipment for the production of plywood veneer, which belongs to the mechanical spindleless ......

Hot press is the machinery we often use in the production, can also be said to be the most widely used equipment in the wood-based panel industry, ...
We all know the function of Linyi hot press, it can be widely used or it can really help us, in order to better use it, we need to clean it in a ti...